Discussing Our Culture

Every company has a culture, and we’re no exception. In an effort to better understand what makes EverTrue Engineering tick, we took some time amongst ourselves to discuss and clarify what’s most important to us.

Starting with our tech leads, then expanding to include the entire team, we shared a lot of stories and feelings around what it’s like to work here, and what we think is important. In the end, we arrived at four words that we feel describe us succinctly:

  • autonomy
  • trust
  • respect
  • passion

Autonomy is about having the freedom to work in a way that makes sense to the individual, and isn’t dictated from on high. Our leadership trusts that the best solution to a particular problem will be found, and respects that everyone knows what methods work best for themselves.

That autonomy doesn’t mean that we work in silos. An incredibly strong thread of mentorship and collaboration runs through our product teams. The passion that each of us feels for our own domain-specific knowledge, and towards the larger mission of EverTrue, creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Opportunities to expand your own skills abound, whether it’s partnering up with someone more experienced, or enjoying the freedom to expand your skills on your own through a class or conference attendance, both of which EverTrue sponsors.

As a result of these conversations, we’ve updated the copy on this site’s homepage and About page, as well as our job postings descriptions, to better reflect ourselves.

We’ll keep discussing these things, especially the more sensitive areas of diversity and inclusiveness that plague every group (including ours), and we’re better for having created a strong jumping off point for further conversations.