About Us

EverTrue’s engineering team embraces four key tenets: autonomy, trust, respect, and passion. We embrace mentorship and collaboration based on supportive feedback, and offer the freedom to fix old things and try new things.

How we work

While we strive to minimize process and often refactor the way we work, we do use tools and a methodology to set our goals on a monthly cadence. Typically, product managers will use Trello to develop and communicate detailed specs, with an explanation of the problem we’re addressing and why it’s important. UX mockups are usually added here as well, when needed, and we leverage comments within the Trello card for asynchronous collaboration.

Developers deploy their own projects to stage and production on a daily basis when they’re ready to do so; no need to wait for a release engineer. In turn, developers are responsible for most of the operations support for their projects. In the rare event that their application goes down, devs are the first responders, and most incidents can be resolved without DevOps assistance, though they are happy to help.

Adhering to our minimal process culture, we don’t strongly prescribe collaboration methodologies or tools, but as a team we tend to leverage GitHub pull requests when needed. Asking for reviews on any given PR is welcomed and encouraged, as it presents an excellent opportunity for mentorship from our senior developers.

Popular tools we use